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at times but a nice finish in baltimore. how abouta look at annapolis, the u.s. naval academy sitting on the bapgs of a pretty shop pi river with a few clouds over head. and next take tow harford county, choppy there. chillywater temperatures too. take alook at the winds north and west, five to 15, gusting stronger. we have some winds guszing to 306789 so very breeze vi scenario. -- breezy. temperatures are not exactly frigid by december standards but it will be chilly tonight. howabout some of the weather into the day tomorrow, temperatures likely to get back to the mid-50s but it's going to be a chilly start in the morning. and for points across baltimore county, mid-50s expected. sunshine will clear out after a tonight. radar trend, fairly active to the north up in pennsylvania and the north state. today it was just the fair clouds. skieswill remain clear tomorrow. limited cloud cover as we go into thursday and then clouds increase through the day and a round of rain thursday night into early friday. that's goingto help usher in some cooler air. take a look at this had, cold air po
bait and that -- debate and it's now getting another look he didn't use the word gun once, but last night president obama promised action. >> in the coming weeks, i'll use whatever how -- power this office holds in an effort aimed at preventing more tragedies like this. >> asked specifically what he will do, there were no specifics given. >> no single action will fully address the problem. >> there are an estimated 200 (20)000-0000 plus guns in this country and unless you have a felony conviction or are mentally unstable, you can get one. >> 51% of americans favor stricter gun control laws in general and a majority say that the shooting in connecticut show problems in the country. >> a gun rights activist said it's time to rethink our laws. >> yon anybody that needs 30 round miss the clip to go hunt sglg while one republican lawmaker said if the sandy hook elementary principal had been armed, the killing could have been stopped. >> michael bloom burg has been a long time advocate for tougher gun laws. >> words alone cannot heal our nation, only action can do that. >> sever
. don harrison explain what the labor dispute means for us. >> reporter: the port is one the main economic generators in the state of maryland. we have it over 14,000 jobs at this port. 1500 of those are ila labor jobs. those union long shore men could walk off the job sunday morn figure a new contract isn't settled. unions say it'll shut down the two largest terminals at the port where cars, farm equipment and cargo containers delivered. the port administration hopes a work stop age can be avoided. >> we are again hopeful that there will be an agreement before the deadline. we are going forward with our plans to accommodate if that agreement isn't met. >> reporter: the port administration is working on a back up plan. part of it would open two terminals only open during the week to business on the weekends. >> we want to make sure we can get as much cargo moving as possible leading up to the work stop age. . >> reporter: as issue are the usual wages and health care but one major sticking point is container rayalties. they were put in place in the 60s. both sides are supposed to
candice appear within seconds. it's being used in all sorts of ways. since it's launch, the company has shared over a billion photos. this is definitely one to look out for as we head into 2013. >> make them and break them, seems to be the theme of many new year revelers. find out how to use your smartphone to keep those resolutions. steps a dad took to save his new daughter's life coming up. >>> all right. check out maryland's most powerful radar on this last evening of 2012. all sweeps scan clear. just a little bit of verga. dry in baltimore. we gear up for the big new year's eve celebration, kicking off the fireworks. 40 degrees with a light southwesterly breeze. the days are short. sunset is 4:54. weather in motion across the area today. parksville, cloudy, just about all day. of course, kids enjoying a couple more days. parksville middle. havre de grace, yeah, kind of a gray day on president susquehanna but no precipitation staying dry in towson as well here at loch raven tech. on the whole, a decent finish to the day. a few gusts of 15. temperature wise comfortable, temperatures h
. >> wind gusts. >> look for that tomorrow also. thanks, wyatt. >>> this is the time of the year most of us take stock and think about the year as it comes to an end. sit back and enjoy a glimpse of the year. >> reporter: catchy dance tunes, celebrity breakups and the tragic death of a singing icon, just a few of the things that had people talking. here's a look at cnn's to 10 news stories from 2012. the song was almost inches scapable. carly rae jepsen's viral sensation. it earned her two grammys and countless reenactments online including this one posted by the u.s. olympic swim team. the force is now strong with disney. in a move that caught many by surprise, the star wars franchise creator george lucas sold his film for more than $4 billion. what's more, disney announced plans for three more star wars films. it's the superstar relation that has hollywood asking are they or aren't they? chris brown who then beat his girlfriend in 2009 said he has renewed his friendship. but are they more then just friends? >> they want to keep everyone guessing. they don't want to explain to anyone in th
. dock workers have been working on an expired contract. today the u.s. marry time alines and the long shoring association have agreed to a 30 day extension allowing for more time to negotiate a new deal. a major sticking point will have to be cleared up by january 28. it involves royalty payments for members based on each container they unload. >>> an early morning shootout at a new jersey police headquarters left three officers with wounds. >> how the suspect managed to get one of the officer's weapons. >> reporter: police raced to headquarters about 5:30 this morning responding to reports of gunfire. a man was brought into the station on domestic violence charges. >> the struggle occurred while the suspect was being processed. during the course of that, the suspect obtained a firearm and fired on three have our officers. right now we have one officer that was shot just below his bulletproof breast. >> i saw them throw somebody into an ambulance. this was very, very quick. the police officers jumping in the ambulance and taking off very quick. >> reporter: the two other officers were
could be a danger. >>> plus, stuffed noses and watery eyes may have us looking at sprays, the dangers they pose to your kids. >>> sunshine in bel air. despite the big chill, wait until you see what temperatures do for the weekend. it's straight ahead at 5. i woke up with this horrible rash on my right side. an intense burning sensation like somebody had set it on fire. and the doctor said, cindie, you have shingles. he said, you had chickenpox when you were a little girl... i said, yes, i did. i don't think anybody ever thinks they're going to get shingles. but it happened to me. for more of the inside story, visit >>> it's been nearly five months since two young cousins road off on their bikes and never returned. >> evidence indicates two bodies were found in a wildfire area where the bodies went missing. >> reporter: some gathered at the lake had done some a few months ago. it wasn't good news for the community. two bodies found by hunters in a wooded area are believed to be 9-year-old elizabeth collins and her 11-year-old cousin lyric cook. >> the bodies are being
now we can change it as we go. students can share next with us without feeling like i can't remain anonymous at the same time. there are so many incidents that a than we actually intervene because someone has shared the next with us. >> reporter: there's a common theme. students need to take ownership of their own school and education because it truly is theirs. >> this is my life. what do i need to do. if that plan is not in place, nothing is going to happen. this was the audience i had. we're still having the conversation about drafting that plan. >> reporter: students like taking control. they said making that life plan and getting involved is what everyone leaks to do. >> i think if you take the program initiative to other schools, that will be good. >> as a student top learn on your own as opposed to just lrng from the teacher. >> reporter: he wants to keep the dialogue and doors open top students. another townhall is and and he has a twitter account and promises to answer questions as quickly as possible. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. >>> reading really is a building block f
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8